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dominicm00:01:57 keechma got a serious website


the logo reminds me of retro games


@dominicm I'd love to see a comparison between keechma and reframe

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Someone who knew either of those would be more qualified than me 😊


Last update on the site from Sept 2017?


the code has been updated until July 2018 though


Hey, sorry for jumping in, I'm a keechma lead dev and I do occasionally search for Keechma to see if I can help anyone with anything. Keechma is constantly developed, although mainly in the keechma-toolbox repo. Keechma codebase is very stable and mostly unchanged since the release - by design. I want to keep the base layer stable while building on top of it. We're currently running around a dozen projects based on keechma in production, and most of the stuff that can be extracted gets published in the keechma-toolbox repo. Documentation is lacking, but we're working on it. If you have any questions you can always mention me or ping me in #keechma channel


Morning, would also be interested in a comparison =)…

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