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Hello all, I'd like to announce Herb, a CSS styling library for ClojureScript that focuses on component level styling using functions:

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EQL specification is out! It still a work in progress, next steps will document how to use the specs to validate and generate queries, also more docs for the core api.

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thanks, that's really interesting


Hi everyone, announcing version 0.5.1 of Hanami, the go to lib/(optional) framework for developing your Vega/Vega-Lite powered domain specific visualization applications. This version provides support for chartless/empty picture frames enabling full hiccup/re-com enabled text based areas. These can be used in tab layouts just like frameless charts/plots/layouts and those with standard picture frames. All can be mixed together in a given tab 'page'. New file based data sources covering clj, edn, json, and csv. This supplements the previous values, url, and named channel data sources. Stronger and more general support for application specific routes and landing pages. New template support for tree layouts - the first of several new network/graph layouts to come. New (experimental) template for overview+detail.

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Also pleased to announce version 0.3.2 of Saite Saite started out as a fairly simple exploratory graphics and visualization application (built on Hanami) but now is evolving toward a new highly capable notebook. This version provides several cool new capabilities, including CodeMirror editors for JS/JSON and Clj, bidirectional conversions, quick modal panel popup renderings, and all the new stuff from Hanami. Also, there are a number of issues concerning this evolution towards being a full notebook, that I'd appreciate feedback on. Or feel free to open new issues if you have other thoughts or 'want to haves' you would like to record.

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