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Thanks. Will look into that. I find it very hard to maintain change logs.


Which seems to be the case here. I haven’t updated the changelog. I was just about to cheat and add a link to the commit log, but then started to read this:


@dijonkitchen: I’ve updated the change log now: (the link on the marketplace will update when I release a new version of the extension).


Feedback on the change log content is welcome, of course. If anyone sees typos it is a very good time to fork and send PRs. 😃


Paredit next, @dijonkitchen. But I must do something more fun a while first. I really am not suited for clerky work like that.


I found a way to allow tab completions to work even when tab is bound to reformat current form (in Calva Fomatter). So I switched back to tab as default keybinding. Also tweaked the reformatting command so that it always does the right thing as far as I can tell. Please upgrade to v0.0.14 and try it out, folks.