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Hi guys. Is there any working solution to write anything for android? All I can find is super old and I can’t even build it.


most promising tools set that I’m able to find is to use react-native. Here you can find more information about it -


Yeah, RN can be the solution, but it’s still very alpha on Android. And this combination ClojureScript -> JavaScript -> Java makes me feel sad

Braden Shepherdson14:10:03

@denis_krivosheev I'm working on using gradle-clojure to target Android, then to dust off the old Android helpers (eg. [neko]( and get them working against the latest Android and under Gradle.

Braden Shepherdson14:10:24

but that's a hobby project, and I'm expert on none of the necessary tech.

Braden Shepherdson14:10:40

if you're familiar with Gradle, that would be a good place to start. I'm seeing this issue[1] and hope to have time this evening to look into using the less opinionated clojure-base to target Android's Gradle rules instead of the default java ones. [1]

Braden Shepherdson14:10:09

("this evening" meaning ~10 hours from now; I'm on Eastern time in North America)


I would love to help, but I know nothing about gradle and Android development in general (outside React Native)

Braden Shepherdson14:10:50

well, I'll report any progress in here.