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Pablo Fernandez17:02:21

Busy good or busy bad?


Busy good, I think. Helping with Braid and exploring a lot of different chat environments. Multitasking like crazy and working weird hours. But it's all worth it.


@pupeno: How about yourself? What have you been focusing on lately?


What was your vision for this channel?

Pablo Fernandez20:02:48

My hope is for it to be a place for people that are using Clojure for business. People that not only care about elegant and correct, but also cost-effective.

Pablo Fernandez20:02:30

There’s a meetup here in London for Ruby Business people and I hope some day to have a similar place for Clojure Business people, but let’s start with a channel.

Pablo Fernandez20:02:52

About what I’m doing… I’m leaving my current company and starting a new one. Not sure what yet. I hope to use Clojure in it.




That sounds exciting. You should check out Braid. You might find it useful for your new business.