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I'm hiring experienced programmers to write Clojure in Seattle. This is an early stage opportunity at an ambitious startup company. Full stack Clojure, not "a bit of Clojure on the side". You'll write Clojure all day, solve difficult problems, and get paid. Background in large scale data processing, distributed systems, and machine learning all major bonuses. If interested, send me a note telling me about yourself. Don't feel the need to attach a resume. (str (-> my-nick (load-profile) :first-name .toLowerCase) \@ (apply str (map char [97 109 112 101 114 105 116 121])) \. commercial-domain-suffix)


Interesting. I was thinking about moving back to Seattle.


We should move in together. That’d make one hell of a hilarious/depressing sitcom.


Are you in Seattle?


I don't really want money. Just a place to sleep, some food, transportation, computer equipment, and enough to support a few, ahem, hobbies.


I am looking for a Full Stack Engineer in NY to work on an Artificial Intelligence product. Small team, VC funded, but still in stealth for the next 3 moths. Our stack is primarily Clojure, Python, and Go. Datomic for our graph database. If intrigued please let me know and I'd be happy to tell more!


Heh, @meow, I used to be. Lived there ’99-12.


Then, yeah, lets be the Odd Couple and start our own sitcom. simple_smile


I was there 2011-12.