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I have a couple questions about boot-test. I'm working on setting up integration tests for a full-stack web project, where I need to compile both CLJS and CLJ. I've a run-tests task that does (comp (watch) (cljs :optimizations :none) (test) (notify :audible true)). I've noticed two things: 1. The CLJS compilation appears run every time in full, even when no changes at all happen to the CLJS files 2. notify only gives me the audible sound on test success. On fail it stays silent. Any idea how to fix these?


Do I find some helper fns somewhere in boot to get parent poms to a given pom? Ideally including download. Something like and


@jarcane put notify before the test task in the pipeline. The reason your not getting sound is because the test task throws on failure thus aborting any tasks afterwards

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I usually put it first thing after watch


So, I created a worker in which in could require boot.pom but boot.pom/parse-xml doesn't give me the parent, even though looks like it should. /me confused


Could anyone of you please cut a new 2.8.0 snapshot relase? I'd love to try the parent features out.