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So, when I do a boot build on a new host (which we get quite often on our Jenkins box as it redeploys regularly and doesn't have persistent disks) it seems to pull down every version (including alphas etc ) of Clojure from 1.4.0 up to 1.10.0-alpha4. This despite there being a in the directory boot is being run from which specifies BOOT_CLOJURE_VERSION=1.8.0, and build.boot specifying (set-env! :dependencies '[[org.clojure/clojure "1.8.0"]])


Is there any way to stop that, and get it to just pull down the Clojure version we want?


is it pulling the poms or the jars?


Maven will sometimes pull poms to determine metadata (to do version resolution)


Aah, good point. It is pulling down the poms. It just seems to take a surprisingly long time to get each one even though they're only 2-3K apiece


2 ways to speed it up that come to mind are 1) persist ~/.m2 across builds and 2) run sonatype nexus with a proxy repository near or on the jenkins box


although 1) adds brittleness and 2) is kind of a pain


to alleviate 1) you could run 2 builds, one that uses shared m2 and runs quickly (like maybe for smoke tests) and a second longer-running build that starts with fresh m2


we persist ~/.m2 in our cloud CI setup - haven't had any problems with it in the year or so it's been up and running


speaking of caching ~/.m2, i've been playing with AWS CodeBuild lately and getting good results by doing that


i was actually curious about caching the boot cache too... is that a good idea?


@dave we do that on circleci, I see no reason it's not equally applicable.


nice! good to know!


Yep, the .m2 directory is eminently cacheable. The only place I could see issues if you are saving the cache after installing your project to the m2 cache, especially if it wasn't installed as a SNAPSHOT version


that makes sense -- if your build includes installing arbitrary stuff to your .m2, you are messing with what is otherwise conceptually a collection of immutable artifacts


i guess if your application depends on SNAPSHOT versions of things, another caveat of caching .m2 is that you won't get updated snapshots. but maybe that's OK


yo, I heard immutable append-only data stores were imminently cacheable


someone should make a db like that

😂 4