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So, with all the Oracle JRE release shenanigans about to happen, I wonder - is there a serious effort underway to unpin ClojureScript compilation and build tools (boot) from the JVM (as the defacto way to do cljs development)?


@cpmcdaniel sorry, I must be out of the loop. What's about to happen, and why would it affect boot in that way?


6 months between each major release. Old releases will require long term support contract with Oracle (about $6k per cpu)


Obviously many will switch to OpenJDK, and Azul has cheaper support contracts for enterprise customers.


However, I wonder how many will look to get off the jvm entirely, especially startups and Greenfield projects.


Oh. I see. I don't think it will see much impact. Clojurescript can be compiled by javascript though, lumo can do it for example.


Most will already be using OpenJDK I'd think


And is there even any real information about how long Oracle will provide support for LTS versions?


Java 11 is the next LTS


Every 3 releases is LTS


And if they provide updates for LTS releases for like 6 years, nothing changes


@cpmcdaniel As others have said, Oracle's new schedule likely won't affect anyone. Some folks will continue to use OpenJDK, some will switch to OpenJDK, some will upgrade at the same rate they do now, some will upgrade only every few releases. Lots of companies use the Oracle JDK without paying for support anyway.


As for cljs development, David Nolen has said it won't stop leveraging the JVM for compilation -- I believe he said there are several advantages of the current setup that most cljs users aren't willing to give up (but you could ask him anyway, to get a better answer than I can give).