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@seancorfield Putting the :eval stuff in doublequotes as strings didn't do anything, it's just probably eval'ing to the string itself. When I use

:eval '(require 'mount.core) :eval '(mount.core/start)
it's still giving me java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: mount.core


I've only done it from the command line -- never tried invoking the task inside another task,


Did you try boot dev call -e "(require 'mount.core)" -e "(mount.core/start)" (which was what I was actually suggesting)? I guess it'll depend on what your dev task does...


Does anyone know how to programmatically get the value of :asset-path that was set in a main.cljs.edn file? Other than directly reading and parsing the file. For example, if boot-cljs has already parsed it, is that easily available somewhere?


@seancorfield yup, I tried it on the command line as well.

boot dev call -e "(require 'mount.core)" -e "(mount.core/start)" -e "(println 1234)"
actually does print 1234 in the console, so the lines are probably getting executed. However, the things that supposed to be mounted aren't starting unless I connect to the nrepl and start it there. Unfortunate..


@kanwei Yeah, sorry, it's really going to depend what your dev task is doing... I think there's a way to specify code to execute when an nREPL server starts up...? But I haven't used nREPL for ages (I use ProtoREPL in Atom, and we use a plain Socket Server REPL in some of our apps).


how to update clojure on windows with boot?


i have this feeling that everything would be so easy, but i can't really put one and one together 😞


@ashnur you can bump BOOT_CLOJURE_VERSION in - does that answer your question?


most probably. I will check asap


@moxaj that worked, thanks, although it's still confusing a bit because i haven't had any such config in the project, nor have i set any env variable related to boot or clojure


next thing i tried to find out and failed so far was how to have a dev task that just builds a .jar or something standalone. without clojurescript or any fancy stuff, just something i could run from cli for example


@ashnur If you run boot -d boot/new new -n example -t app in a new folder, it’ll generate a build.boot file you can use as an example — with a build task to create an uberjar and a run task to run your application as source code.


@seancorfield i am a bit confused, i probably misunderstand what you wrote but neither of those options seems like a "dev task"?


i will check on that run task


is that something people use with the repl?