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@ashnur If you run that command, you'll get a new folder called example and inside there will be a build.boot file with tasks to run and build the example. I'm suggesting you do that and look at the generated Boot file so you can see an example of how to build a standalone JAR file.


no need for the conditional, i did that and i looked the tasks and i kinda see similar structures as in the cli arguments which is quite nice, and i kinda see functions that i suppose are transforming some things in some other thing


what i don't know is how to make this into a dev task from a run task, or how else can i use this. it's great that i can compile a jar but it's not the only use case i need


Then I'm afraid I don't understand what you're asking for... I can only suggest you read the Boot documentation for more information about writing tasks... ¯\(ツ)


@U04V70XH6 please trust me that i am trying. but when i look at this page. i get vertigo. do i need to get into every detail of every page just so i can try this tool? i was thinking, there should be probably some people who already built some examples, so other people don't have to go through the same steep learning process? btw. i started with trying tenzing +om with add to it boot-figwheel but the readmes appeared as if they were coming from two parallel worlds.


has anyone successfully made a boot script that loads a build.boot from another directory? i tried calling load-file with the path to the build.boot, but it fails because it can't find the "src" that file references in its set-env!. changing the cwd with (System/setProperty "user.dir" ...) beforehand doesn't seem to help.


@sekao interesting question, don’t have an answer — mind sharing why you’re wanting to do this?


i have several boot projects and i want to write a boot script that builds all of them. i know i could just write a bash script to do this but doing it all within a single boot/jvm instance would be nice


We have build.boot in one folder that pulls in another, but they're at the same level on the file system so we use relative "up and over" paths to everything and that works fine.

    build.boot ; containing (load-file "../build/build.boot")
then we use paths like this:
(merge-env! :resource-paths #{"../clojure/lowlevel/src"})


That relative path works in both build and clojure @sekao