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Hi, I’m very new to boot. I’m having a look on boot-fmt and I would like to watch for file changes and when it happens I would like to run boot-fmt passing the src path that has changed. I wanna leave it running on a terminal and whenever I edit some code and save the formatter will do his job 🙂


Is there a “proper way” of doing this?


Reading through zprint docs I realized that what I should do is to use zprint filter and try to integrate with my editor


has anyone run into a problem with boot-cljs-test? I’m successfully running the cljs-test task once and then on the subsequent runs I consistently get:

;; ======================================================================
;; Testing with Phantom:

TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating '')

  /var/folders/nb/shw7pdm516x_tjj81mt2bfmr0000gn/T/phantom1637751351674779272.js:81 in onError
This happens across executions of Boot which I find very puzzling as there should be no intermediate state that could get corrupted…


ok, there’s some sort of a problem with


hehe, so I did something to my Boot - removed the directory in the ~/.boot/cache/tmp. Now when I run the Boot task it removes the resource-paths from the working directory.


interestingly purging ~/.boot didn’t help


ok, so the sequence is now: 1) run boot-cljs-test - OK, 2) run any other Boot task - fileset removed together with the actual files in the working directory


that’s an issue with boot-cljs-test hardlinking resource paths into the fileset by default in 0.3.1