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@onetom: would you mind outlining the differences between boot-reload and figwheel and what exactly you mean by losing state in an issue? "* figwheel -> It's not as smart as figwheel because u can lose state, but it's mostly enough. We are actually quite fine with reloading the page manually most of the time."


@martinklepsch: i can't because i just remember vaguely that boot-reload was simpler and doesn't handle the reload with such granularity as figwheel. it was a conversation on irc with micha. i might remember wrong. tell me more and i will correct what i said.


I haven't used figwheel in a long time so my picture might be inaccurate but the fundamental reloading works as I remember it from figwheel. Css reloading is even simpler. I rarely reload pages.


Figwheel has more bells and whistles but the core functionality should be very similar


Anyway not meant as critique, I think we should steal more things for, figwheel but usually don't get around using it 😝


@onetom I think maybe it was about hoplon not boot reload, as reloading individual namespaces isn't as useful with a hoplon app as it is with for example react