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PSA: Even if you aren't using re-frame, i highly recommed reading the re-frame wiki to learn about reagent. Much of it is about vanilla reagent (i.e., without using re-frame pattern) and they are the best/most complete docs around.


@gadfly361: very much agree. Are there any plans to contribute this documentation back to reagent?


I think @mikethompson started this fantastic documentation before he had access to reagent-project. Personally, I'd like to see the docs eventually find its way to but where it lives is entirely up to @mikethompson :)


Share your sentiment and of course it's mike's call. :)


(Or the decision of the respective authors to be a little less specific :))


My vote is for @mikethompson to start writing all the documentation for everything from here on out. simple_smile


@shaun-mahood: as the old proverb says: no good deed ever goes unpunished simple_smile


The plan should be to move those pages over to Reagent itself. I avoided that originally because the Reagent Wiki was a wasteland that noone knew about. It wasn't referenced or linked to from the main Reagent docs. I'd written some stuff and no one seemed to know about it.