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./task deploy to DO hangs and this shows up in the logs…

task[1549]: /home/app/task: line 22:  1563 Killed                  clj "$@" -J-XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow -M -m $MAIN_NS --port 7888 --middleware '[cider.nrepl/cider-middleware]'
I ran that command directly on the server which erred as well with
/usr/local/bin/clojure: line 385:  1926 Killed                  "$JAVA_CMD" -classpath "$tools_cp" clojure.main -m --config-user "$config_user" --config-project "$config_project" --basis-file "$basis_file" --libs-file "$libs_file" --cp-file "$cp_file" --jvm-file "$jvm_file" --main-file "$main_file" "${tools_args[@]}"
any thoughts?


It’s the new less expensive $4 droplet, btw… maybe the 512mb of memory is an issue, as unlikely as that is. I’ll try the standard droplet to check.


Well, I’ll be. That was it. I had another droplet with the error and resized it to the 1GB memory version and it worked as well.

Jacob O'Bryant15:07:55

👍👍👍 perhaps with the right flags it could be made to work

Jacob O'Bryant15:07:13

[unrelated] also pair programming thing is going down in one hour: