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For those using GitHub Actions, I've recently made some updates: • nnichols/clojure-dependency-update-action Pull requests generated by the action now link to a diff between the new and old versions. • nnichols/clojure-lint-action This fixed an issue where the running version of clj-kondo could fall out of date and the passing of some optional flags to reviewdog

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new release - adding utility fns to remove interceptors from stack/queue at execution time and related utilities

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:07:13

I think there are some typos here > Sieparri also differs in a few way at the API level to accomodate the its usage goals perhaps should be > Sieparri also differs in a few way*s* at the API level to accom*m*odate the its usage goals ?

mpenet09:07:18 bugfix release - preserve numeric types when coercing values via int? integer? etc

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Joshua Suskalo15:07:10

Version 0.5.357 of coffi, the Clojure Foreign Function Interface backed by Project Panama is out, now with support for JDK 18!

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A new version of #nbb - Scripting in Clojure on Node.js using SCI v0.6.122 Introducing a new command which lets you package up your nbb project as a single standalone JS file. An example written with nbb which benefits from the bundle command.

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