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Speaking of Parinfer/Paredit… does anyone have an Atom Parinfer/Paredit cheat sheet specifically for Mac with the keys written out? I have a few pet commands that I’ve managed to remember, but I generally find the shortcut key symbols pretty hard to read. Plus I know there must be plenty of commands that I don’t even know exist.


@tabidots I got used to having the hot keys for paredit turned off (since several clashed with ProtoREPL) and then defining my own keymap for the commands I wanted to use. I thought the Paredit keys were listed on the extension's website tho'?


Thanks! It seems like the ones that use the comma key require the comma key to be pressed twice, which is why I initially got thrown off and thought I was reading the symbols wrong (I was working from this and the symbols in Atom’s command finder)


If you have ProtoREPL installed with its default keymap in place, it conflicts with several Paredit ones. I've since switched to Chlorine instead of ProtoREPL and that has no default keymap -- but I never got around to removing my customization and going back to Paredit's defaults... until now. So I'll have to get used to the (original) key bindings for slurp/barf again now 🙂


I’m a bit reluctant to conceive and implement keybindings from scratch, but what are the benefits of Chlorine?


Much will depend on your preferred workflow. I prefer a minimal set of dev dependencies and we use Socket REPLs in a lot of our processes -- so we don't use nREPL.


I also use Cognitect's REBL as a key part of my workflow, and we use clj/`deps.edn` for running stuff/managing dependencies. So I tend to start REBL in a project, with a Socket REPL, and then connect Atom/Chlorine to that, and run Atom and REBL side-by-side (so I can "inspect" expressions from Atom's editor into REBL and then drill into them).

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i've created keys as above but still gives this error. why


Hey, new to clojure/(script) and coming from a js background, how do I go about creating ui-components? Is there a standard library/framework that would emulate the likes of css in js coming from react?

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Have you looked at Vue JS or Web components. I am trying to avoid the dependency stuff in React JS.

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I am preparing to try Vue JS and Web components with Clojurescript. However, I made mistake of locking myself into using Haml with framework helpers. So my views are tightly coupled.


@sirromdev I started yesterday so I am also newcomer but this tutorial helped alot ->


Why does the second thread macro cause an exception in the latest clojurescript?

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@naomarik i think you better ask that question in #clojurescript


@nxtk I have, got no bites 😉


is there a quick way of installing libraries or everything should be project-dependent?


typically everything is defined in a project's deps.edn / project.clj / etc.


let’s fire cider up then


@alexcatalina Basically, libraries in Clojure are lazy installed. In that, they are downloaded and installed on first run. So say P1 declares a dependency on X1 in deps.edn, when launching P1 the first time, X1 will be downloaded and installed in the global cache. Now later, if P2 declares a dependency on X1, when launched, it will just use the already downloaded X1 from the global cache.

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But Clojure on its own does not look for sources in the global cache. It will always look for them from the project classpath.


deps.edn can be used to add some of the libs in the global cache on the classpath