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Drew Verlee00:04:30

How would i pass -J-Dtrace to intellji? i assume this is a jvm argument, but if i pass it then it says its an unregonized option. But clj 'A:dev -j-Dtrace works, and i assume -j-Dtrace is getting passed as a jvm argument there as well.


@drewverlee Yeah, I’m sorry about that - for some reason for some people the REPL input pane gets completely collapsed, and in particular in dark mode it’s really hard to see. I’m going to have to show a warning when that happens, I have no idea how it happens to so many people.

Drew Verlee04:04:59

no worries. it might be because of something in my setup...


I think what you want to put in the JVM argument field is just -Dtrace - the -j bit is just to tell deps “what comes after the -j is a JVM arg”


That’s IIRC, I don’t have my computer in front of me.

Drew Verlee03:04:14

damn, yea thats a good guess. i thought it might be something like that, but i ran out of guess energy and googling jvm related stuff always lands me in trouble.


How do you use environment variables for project in Curisve for deps.edn (no lein / boot)? Is any way to use .envrc instead of adding it manually in UI


I haven't found a way to do this and would be interested in if anyone has a solution as well. I suspect this is an IntelliJ issue rather than Cursive.


(I haven’t, just googled quickly)


I tired it but there is no EnvFile tab for Cursive REPL configuration


It let use .env instead of UI, but still it wouldn’t work if run repl from the shell. There are tips and tricks, but if I have to use them, then it is easier to use UI.


At least I couldn’t tests if further, because I don’t have EnvFile tab


Ok, I’ll take a look to see if I can fix that.


Actually, I remember now, there was already some discussion on how to make this work - I think we both think we’re waiting on the other for feedback. I’ll ping him again:


I think I have fixed this as part of, it’ll be in the next drop. This is surprisingly tricky and it’s completely undocumented so I hope I’m doing the right thing, but it seems to work for simple cases. Any problem reports very welcome.


thanks for interested in the topic 🍻