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I see that babashka invokes java to download dependencies, are there other cases where babashka invokes java? According to the docs, looks like this is the only case


That's the only case

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I'm thinking on using HugSql in babaska. I've included the dependencies and required it, but when execute def-db-fn it complaints that I should set the adaptor. Tried next.jdbc adaptor but fails when I require it. I'm using babasha postgres pod for db connection. Should I use another adaptor? Can this be done? Thanks in advance


@UM4CBJVLZ bb doesn't support making queries to a database via hugsql directly as it needs the database drivers which aren't included in bb. but hugsql.core + sqlvec functions do work (which just require parsing text files), so you can construct the query and then hand the query off to bb sql pods


another alternative is to use honeysql which also works with bb


In this case HugSql is a better option. Using the sqlvec functions is a great solution, many thanks!