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Interesting spec explainer from Exoscale:

$ bb -cp $(clojure -Spath -Sdeps '{:deps {com.exoscale/lingo {:mvn/version "1.0.0-alpha14"}
                                          org.babashka/spec.alpha {:git/url "" :git/sha "1a841c4cc1d4f6dab7505a98ed2d532dd9d56b78"}}}')
      -e "(require '[exoscale.lingo :as l] '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s]) (s/def ::int int?) (l/explain ::int :foo)"
1 error found

:foo is an invalid :user/int - should be an Integer

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Sam Ritchie16:01:21

I am going to have to roll up my sleeves soon @borkdude and get #sicmutils running in babashka 🙂

Sam Ritchie16:01:50

there is too much great stuff coming out, I am missing the party!!


@sritchie09 You better have that :bb reader conditional prepared then :)

Sam Ritchie16:01:40

I think the main tasks are • remove potemkin • reimplement complex numbers natively, vs pulling in those external packages… • and then the big one, port over the hardcore numerical integration solver from java and javascript…

Sam Ritchie16:01:45

Q for you - does bb support ratios?


it does support the same Ratio type as Clojure

Sam Ritchie16:01:32

timbre was a problem too I think, so another one is find a blessed logging library that will work in all cases (println?)


timbre is built into babashka

Sam Ritchie16:01:16

oh, amazing! I am mis-remembering. timbre was a problem for self-hosted cljs

Søren Sjørup20:01:24

I wonder is there already bb script to update all :mvn/version to latest with rewrite-edn ?

Darin Douglass20:01:39

antq i think has this functionality via :upgrade true

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@soren does this but only for one lib at a time.

neil add dep :lib <name> 
It will add or upgrade to the latest. Also supports fetching latest git sha, with :latest-sha true

Søren Sjørup20:01:45

Thanks! Antq worked great for me though. New datahike incoming!

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