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Now that 4clojure is closing down, here's a fun idea: - Contribute to 4bb ( - Or make a babashka web app (or client side only SCI app) that offers a similar 4clojure UI but can be ran locally)

Leah Neukirchen21:07:42

i compiled bb 0.4.6 with mandrel 21 and the result is only 38MB which makes me suspicious. but it seems like everything is there? any ideas what makes such a difference?


@leah You can try to run the test suite with that binary in the current directory of babashka's repo. BABASHKA_TEST_ENV=native script/test

Leah Neukirchen21:07:37

it passes all tests

Leah Neukirchen21:07:59

during build it says Warning: profile :feature/xml not found., not sure what's up with that. i can parse xml with it tho


that's a warning from leiningen (which I can't explain either)


@leah Can you also try BABASHKA_TEST_ENV=native script/run_lib_tests?

Leah Neukirchen21:07:27

{:test 651, :pass 4882, :fail 0, :error 0}


that's interesting! what is the output for time ./bb -e '(+ 1 2 3)'?


and what is your os?

Leah Neukirchen21:07:04

x86_64 Void Linux


very interesting

Leah Neukirchen21:07:35

maybe worth checking out mandrel 😄


I read the README but it wasn't immediately apparent to me why I should use this over the "normal" one

Leah Neukirchen21:07:01

i just tried it because one can build it with a plain openjdk11

Leah Neukirchen21:07:54

text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
90118751          28520            55f91b7 /home/leah/bin/bb
91220131          28472            5705fbb ./bb

Leah Neukirchen21:07:01

first one is upstream binary

Leah Neukirchen21:07:08

so the actual code sizes dont differ so much

Leah Neukirchen21:07:29

$ du --apparent-size ./bb 89181 ./bb

Leah Neukirchen21:07:40

thanks zfs -.- 😿


ah, well, it's good to know it works with mandrel as well though :)


if you want a leaner babashka build, you can try export BABASHKA_LEAN=true and you will end up with some libraries excluded from the binary and a slightly smaller size

Leah Neukirchen21:07:14

yeah i assumed i accidentally triggered this at first. but i want the features of course 🙂

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