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I'm attempting to use from babashka. It uses sci, is that a blocker?

Jakub HolĂ˝ (HolyJak)09:05:02

babashka.fs does not understand ~/ and I have to manually use (System/getProperty "user.home") , right?


~ is bash syntax

đź‘Ť 3
Jakub HolĂ˝ (HolyJak)16:05:44

Is there a way to get bb run to to display the available tasks? bb run simply starts REPL and bb run -h only says "No such task". (Of course, I can always cat bb.edn :))


@holyjak bb tasks does this

Jakub HolĂ˝ (HolyJak)16:05:49

Thanks a lot! Haven't notice the bb tasks command đź‘€


I think bb run could do it too if invoked with no other args maybe yes, or we should just crash


bb run --help should work though


This is in the help of bb --help:


  tasks       Print list of available tasks.
  run <task>  Run task. See run --help for more details.

Jakub HolĂ˝ (HolyJak)16:05:20

Ah, bb tasks was hidden under that I did not consider relevant to my case and thus just skipped.

Jakub HolĂ˝ (HolyJak)16:05:53

Oh, just noticed I have bb 0.3.4. That explains a lot :)