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David Pham10:11:19

Out of curiosity, is the ebook about babashka still a thing? :)


Everything that has been done about the book is hosted here: The chapter about child processes is already stale because of babashka.process. I'm not sure if I want to continue with the book or just make the README pages in the babashka repo better.


As I'm funded by Clojurists Together I spent all my time on development and not writing this book (since the book may be sold for money in the future, something which I'm also not sure about ;))

David Pham15:11:57

I would buy it šŸ™‚ If it is good tutorial in the end.


I wonder how many examples from the clojure cookbook work or could be ported to bb:


Wrote some docs about "choosing the right http client": For babashka 1.0.0 I envision we can have a client that replaces all the options.

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Markus Agwin11:11:34

has anyone ever investigated compiling SCI into C++ with ?


It would surprise me if the sci clojure code was compatible with ferret all the way down. But there is documentation around how to compile sci to a native .so library and how to call it from Python for example:


I'm considering incorporating into babashka, so you can use a babashka.edn to resolve deps without manually having to set BABASHKA_CLASSPATH. But this will still require a JVM for resolving those deps if these deps aren't already downloaded. :thinking_face:

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I like this. Even though you need the JVM for resolving the deps, this is still a big improvement?


At least no / less implicit dependencies


This would be great for my use case!


@UE21H2HHD What's your use case?


Iā€™d like rewrite-cljc scripts to be self contained and at the same time avoid them having the responsibility of altering classpath to bring in deps. More of an elegance thing, I suppose.