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Hi all, I made a drop-in-replacement for clojure.core/atom which records 'count of updates' and 'count of attempts to update' - ie it can be used to get an idea how much your threads are clashing: . Ofc it adds some overhead of its own vs clojure.core/atom depend on it from deps:

com.widdindustries/stats-atom {:git/url ""
                               :sha     "f35fb32cfa6d4d0781c1c03983f9589cb04cbe4f"}
any feedback welcome

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PGMIG 0.5.0 is out New: • Support native-image programmatic migrations via • Add cli option for the migration format: sql (default), clj, edn • Support EDN migrations (uberjar only) • Print version command Release notes: This release you can even grab pre-built binaries for Linux/Mac/Windows here: Shout out to @borkdude for SCI!

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Zdravím Kamile 👋 I enlisted Windows binary of pgmig in scoop-clojure bucket there among other great tools built using Clojure and Graalvm's native-image. PR Every scoop installer user on Windows can now easily install pgmig with convenience of single command:

scoop install pgmig
I hope someone finds it useful. Cheers :flag-cz: simple_smile

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After a bit of a hiatus, a new version of cljstyle is available! Version 0.14.0 fixes a few bugs, revamps the configuration file format, and offers a 2.3x speedup over the previous version. gotta_go_fast Pre-built binaries are available on GitHub, or can be installed via Homebrew.

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Jacob O'Bryant18:11:46

I have recently finished some major updates to, a full-stack web framework: • Tight (but optional) integration with Terraform. Deployment is now just "set some config variables, run a few commands". I'm trying to achieve a firebase/heroku-like experience but without being tied to a particular platform. • Project templates for single-page and multi-page apps: run bash <(curl -s ) to get started. • Simplified code structure. It's easier to understand now. • Various cleanup/small improvements, e.g. moved from immutant to jetty. • And I've kept all the documentation up-to-date. (Check out the new section). To help Biff grow, I've been considering giving free one-on-one mentoring to people who want to learn web dev in Clojure (with Biff), as my schedule allows. Fill out this quick survey if you're interested: There's also a #biff channel by the way.

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Louis Kottmann14:11:47

The documentation looks really good