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just started to use babashka. so much happiness. thank you borkdude

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If anyone wants something to do this weekend: I'll make a new bb release probably on Wednesday - if you want to get it in before then :)


Also, this now also works for compatibility with httpkit:

$ bb '(ns foo (:require [org.httpkit.client :as cl] [org.httpkit.sni-client :as sni])) (alter-var-root (var cl/*default-client*) (constantly sni/default-client)) (:status @(cl/get ""))'


although it will already default to the new sni-client


I’ve created an experimental babashka compatible fork of integrant here: and also the dependency library that integrant uses: I’ve not tried using it yet beyond a very simple test that works, so YMMV using it. The required changes to both libraries are quite small, so it may be possible to merge them upstream. @borkdude: Whilst doing this I noticed that .FileNotFoundException which I had to work around as integrant catches it, and it’s not included in bb; is that worth adding?


ig/load-namespaces seems to work too


pre-init-spec also seems to work with spartan


Looks like the main things probably work, though it would be nice to run the test suites for dependency and integrant under the bb environment


So far really enjoying working with bb… most things seem to just work as expected (or at least as documented). Having never really used bb before, much beyond entering (+ 1 2 3) at a repl it really seems pretty solid. Going from essentially zero to porting integrant took little over an hour :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Thanks @borkdude it’s a really neat project!


Time for bed though…