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David Pham20:09:48

I tried to use crux-http-server, with either rocks-db or jdbc, and in both, I seem to have a dependency issue, whereby I never find crux/rocksdb or crux/jdbc, while I added them both in my dependenicies.


Hi, I've not encountered an issue like that so far ๐Ÿ˜• Can you share your module config map? Did you have something working correctly with a previous version?

David Pham08:09:16

I just tried the examples

David Pham08:09:30

using the command line, but let me try again.

David Pham08:09:38

Here are the config files? Do you think I am doing anything wrong?


Hi @UEQGQ6XH7 sorry for the delay. I think I'm reproducing the issue here also when running the CLI version via clojure -m crux.main - is that what you were doing also? Normal repl usage seems to be fine for me in any case

David Pham12:09:09

Yes, I was using clojure -m

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Thanks for confirming. We'll be looking into and report back soon. In the meantime I trust the repl is working okay? What was your crux/entity issue? Was it not returning documents that were visible when using crux/q ? If so, that's usually a symptom of having persisted the index-store but not the doc-store when restarting the node


@UEQGQ6XH7 okay so there's no bug as such, but certainly some small clarity needed in the docs. Your crux.edn should work fine without any use of io/file or ' :

{:crux.http-server/server {:port 3000}
 :rocks-db {:crux/module crux.rocksdb/->kv-store
            :db-dir "/tmp/rocksdb"}
 :crux/index-store {:kv-store :rocks-db}
 :crux/document-store {:kv-store :rocks-db}
 :crux/tx-log {:kv-store :rocks-db}}
Arguably we could relax the requirements at some point but I'll see that the docs are updated in the first instance. Sorry about the confusion there ๐Ÿ™‚


No, thank you for giving it a go and flagging up the problem ๐Ÿ™ Did you have any further thoughts on the entity issue (as per my last-but-one message)?

David Pham05:09:33

I donโ€™t remember to having raise any issue with crux/entity :face_with_monocle:


Ah, my mistake, you used the word "entity endpoint" ( so presumably the http version of entity?

David Pham18:09:57

ah yes, let me check when I can use it again.

David Pham18:09:07

I was in full hackathon mode, when I wrote this message.

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David Pham20:09:54

Anyone had a similar issue?

David Pham20:09:09

I also have some issue using the entity endpoint.