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Is anyone using figwheel successfully in the browser from Conjure? If you get an error does it continue to run or freeze? @jkrasnay's figwheel dies and completely locks up on error but it's not Conjure, you can get the same thing to happen with the nREPL CLI. If you have a good working figwheel-main through lein setup, please do share!


Thanks for looking at this, @U38J3881W. Truth be told, I’m not sure I’m using figwheel-main in the standard way.


I'm playing with folding results beyond certain line lengths! (configurable and off by default I think) Just a heads up 😄


And it's on develop!


If you want to try result folding, switch over to develop and let g:conjure#log#fold#enabled = v:true, you can configure the amount of lines you need to trigger folding by setting let g:conjure#log#fold#lines = 5 (defaults to 10 or more).

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Since @we mention folding, what do people use to fold Clojure code? I was using something before but it seems I changed something and it stopped working.


I use, with a vimrc config of:

let g:clojure_foldwords = "def,defn,defmacro,defmethod,defschema,defprotocol,defrecord"


works really well


I don't use code folding that much, but this looks like it might be useful:


ah, is it possible that any of these might work for comment blocks -- as in hiding entire comment blocks?


I think that cljsfold might work is you add comment to foldwords


i gave it a try. it does fold comment blocks, but it appears to fold other things too even with this:

let g:clojure_foldwords = "comment"
i have comment blocks interleaved with other top-level forms in some of my .clj files and the other top-level forms are also getting folded.