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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)06:09:40

Thanks, Michiel! The problems with the Cognitect aws-api is the signing, which I believe somebody has at least partially reimplemented for ClojureScript (and could perhaps be ported to a GraalVM-friendly Clojure) and locking, which will likely need to wait for in (hopefully) the next release of Clojure, correct? I see @jeroenvandijk has published a fork of aws-api that can run the signing in cljs / graalvm. However the aws-api team does about this problem: > This is not a priority for us, and is not on any near or mid-term road map. We're not closed to the idea, but it would increase the maintenance burden, so we wouldn't pursue it without a very strong rationale.


@holyjak 1472 is no longer a problem, released as 1.10.2-alpha1

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@holyjak I’m not sure what the current status is of compiling the Cognitect aws-api with Graalvm. Might be worth to try again


Dynamic requires are usually the problem


But those are pretty easy to patch


I noticed that with babashka, when including some libraries, they yield a binary with 30mb added, only because they have a runtime require in them


How would you patch it?


Copy the library and make requires static


Sometimes alter-var-root also works


But beware when using direct linking, all other places that use the patched var also have to be patched

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:09:58

is there any page with tips and tricks like these for porting a lib to graalvm?


there sure is


@holyjak If it's just s3 you could also consider shelling out to the aws cli

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Just shared a new cool project in #sci