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@smith.adriane It’s messy, it’s forked from your membrane-re-frame-example, the README hasn’t been rewritten, but I thought you might be interested in what I wrote. You can run it by starting (-main) in feedly-membrane/view. I will change out the README tomorrow, and start writing up my experience report notes! (I’ll likely put them into a Google Slides). And then I’ll copy in the cljfx implementation.


thanks for sharing! i’ll check it out tomorrow


I got to take a look yesterday. I noticed a few latency issues that are fixable, but I'm not sure if it's best to try to apply the fix from the re-frame side or from the membrane side.


it's a pretty good example project and I plan to also implement a version using my membrane.component just to see how it compares


Awesome! (I merged the branch to master this morning — hopefully that didn’t cause any confusion?) Will merge in cljfx version and my notes in the next day or two.

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