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Unfortunately I had to revert the declarative pods commits for now because this causes image bloat


ok, are you looking into that then? I'd need some guidance on where to even start there if you want me to.


yes, of course. just need to find the time, probably next weekend


if you want to take a stab at this yourself, just start from the state before the commit and slowly add things, then recompile and see if compilation gets slower and the binary gets a lot bigger


We'll have to inspect closely where this comes from. Usually this happens because of a runtime resolve or so.


yep, I think I found it and that was it. and it's just a bug. there was a reference to a local symbol resolve but when I extracted the referencing code out into its own fn, I didn't notice that and it just silently started referencing clojure.core/resolve


hopefully will be all fixed shortly


fixed pods PR is up


and all of the tests in the main PR are finally green


Excellent. I'm going to take a look tomorrow. Pretty tired now after a presentation at London Clojurians :)

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I'm sorry about that, but I'm happy I catched that. I thought it was related to trying out the m1 / graalvm 22 but luckily it wasn't that


Since I now have an m1 build of babashka (try the m1 branch + I see that it cannot load intel pods. Perhaps we should fall back on those, if they are able to run in macos