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Hello guys. Found in the Duct sources docstring for method duct.core/fold-modules saying:

Fold a system map of modules into an Integrant configuration. A module is a
pure function that transforms a configuration map. The modules are traversed
in dependency order and applied to iteratively to a blank map in order to
build the final configuration.
So duct modules could have it’s own dependencies and will be initialized in strict order. My question how exactly I can define inter module dependencies?

Ferdinand Beyer12:03:41

The same as other keys:

my.module {:input #ig/ref :some.dependency}

Ferdinand Beyer13:03:05

AFAIK duct internally adds a :duct.core/requires key to modules to make them depend on profiles

Ferdinand Beyer13:03:38

You could do the same:

:my.module {:requires #ig/refset ...}


interesting. thanks will try to do so