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Hypothetically speaking, does AWS Fargate support running functions that use above 100 GB RAM? I think I got a bit confused looking at the maximum compute savings plan supported configuration of Min. 8GB and Max. 30GB, in 1GB increments


@zackteo there's an upper limit, I think biggest container instance we were able to deploy was 64GB


(not function, Fargate runs containers)


Oh, so it isn't like aws lambda after all? Was thinking if there was an alternative to having a dedicated server for high RAM workloads. Because there is no need for constant high RAM usage


I'm confused around the question


what are the requirements?


The only difference between Fargate and Lambda is the execution model: Lambda is based on events/invokations, Fargate is more like a good old server, just runs your application in a container and never scales to 0


(Lambda can now use container images as the runtime so the lines start to blur quite a lot)


@ghadi I guess the requirements are for high RAM workloads (> 100 GB) and wondering I should be using a server since the high RAM workloads are uncommon. I realise ECS might be what I am thinking of

Drew Verlee22:06:30

Using the cognitect aws client i'm uploading a index.html to my bucket just fine, but the browser seems to always default to downloading it. I have scanned the first three hits on google and i'm doing everything people are suggesting. My bucket is configured as a website. Here is my api call

(aws/invoke s3 {:op :PutObject :request {:Bucket     website-bucket-name :Key "index.html"
                                             :Body       (io/input-stream (.getBytes "<h1>Hello World!</h1>"))
                                             :ACL        "public-read"
                                             :ConentType "text/html"}})

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:06:32

There is a typo in last line?

Drew Verlee22:06:47

there is, hmm

Drew Verlee22:06:10

thanks! weird, i thought it was uploading fine because the aws console the type was properly displaying as html.

Drew Verlee22:06:35

I should make a habit of just copy pasting field names until their in my autocomplete. Or stop working when my head starts to hurt. I assume if it was easy to validate the functions it would be done.