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Jakub Šťastný14:06:07

Hey guys! I'm looking for a recommendation for an M17n/internalisation library for Reagent. I'm mostly interested just in M17n, so just plain old translations, less bothered by full internalisation, date formats and such. Something light and simple preferably 🙏:skin-tone-3:


This isn't a library, but some macros/functions that we use at my work:

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Martin Mariano18:06:38

I can't recommend mozilla fluent enough. I am using it in a big project of mine and it has been a breeze. Interop very easily with js. and

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In Clojurescript 1.10.773, I could reliably tell whether a symbol sym (at macro-expansion time) referred to a protocol by examining the following:

(:protocol-symbol (cljs.analyzer.api/resolve &env sym))
When I update to Clojurescript 1.10.866, this doesn't seem to work any longer. As far as I can tell, nothing obvious has changed in the code -- defprotocol still attaches this data, and cljs.core still Is there a better / supported way to do this?


Update: 1.10.844 appears to still return :protocol-symbol.


Are you clearing the cache before building? It's been a while, but I remember some var information only being available when building from scratch


I'll check that.


Yeah, unless I'm doing something very wrong, that's not the issue here; also, our CI also is failing on 866, and afaik it's building cacheless.

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Thanks for the idea!


I've narrowed down the commit that breaks my tool to this one: I'll try to take time later to read through and understand how.


there are a couple other regressions caused by that commit already reported.