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👋 Using datomic cloud, I set an identity on a tuple composed of 2 attributes:

[:resource/a+b :tuple   :one :unique :identity :attrs [:resource/a :resource/b]]
And I wonder if it's possible to activate the identity only if both of the attributes are present in the entity. (and not only one of them like it seems to be)


It is not possible. A composite tuple is asserted if any component attr is asserted and there’s no way to only assert the composite if all of them are asserted.


(That would be a really nice feature btw.)


Ok no 🪄 so! Thanks for the answer 🙏


Is there a way to expose resources in subfolder of `public` so the browser can fetch them when getting the `index.html`  in a pedestal ion service? I set :allowed-origins which enables to load js and css in the public folder. The images, js and css in public/[subfolder]/ produce 403. I’m using an APIGW connected to a lambda that calls the ring routing as described in