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Kira Sotnikov06:12:53

cfleming: yeah, use forum, but it's very slow 😞


@lowl4tency: They probably have an anti-SLA to drive people to their support.

Kira Sotnikov08:12:59

Honestly, I don't understand the policy, sometimes you need to post a bugreport

Kira Sotnikov08:12:04

Or something like that

Kira Sotnikov08:12:08

And you can't simple_smile

Kira Sotnikov08:12:26

You need buy subscription for submitting bugreports!


I should think about doing that.


I have like 400 open issues in my tracker. At $5 an issue I’d be close to retiring.


workin on some lambda tooling that doesn't need AOT if anyone is interested.. basically you include adzerk/boot-aws-lambda as a dep, put a file like on your classpath, and uber it


very interesting! thanks for sharing


sure. need to use it for a work thing, then will document. if you try it in the meantime and have probs happy to help