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I just have to say that I just finished up a mesh operator that performs a smoothing effect variation that I haven't seen before (but it may very well already exist) that creates some really beautiful meshes. I'm really excited to use it. The other one I use a lot is the Catmull-Clark algorithm which does a really nice job creating a smoothing effect but it changes the vertices quite a lot and with a regular solid it shrinks the object in size quite a bit and very quickly turns things into spheres. My algorithm on the other hand doesn't change the bounding box and while it introduces a lot of new faces to get the smoothing, it does so in a way that attempts to preserve the original shape. Of course, the function takes some parameters so you can change them to distort the results in different directions, but it still preserves the bounding box and overall shape. And for some reason I just find the results quite attractive to look at. It's more of a texture than a smoothing. Anyhow, just wanted to share that. Feels good to finally get my code to the point that I can do interesting things with it.


And I got to file my first bug report for Clojure yesterday:


Alex Miller improved my original submission quite a bit.


I got to do my first pull request for a major Clojure project yesterday, that felt like a banner day :)


Anybody want to write a function that removes shared edges from adjoining polygon faces that are coplanar and returns the combined face with all points in the correct winding order? I'll give you a gold star! simple_smile


Not sure I have the brain power to do that one today. Might have to wait until the morning, when I'm rested and freshly caffeinated.


Ha! Working externs file for mathbox, and advanced optimizations. That turned out to be a real challenge to get working. So I'm close to being able to put a clojure-ified JS library out on CLJSJS, and then I'll turn to using that in my wrapper & getting the wrapper on Clojars. I actually think that second half'll be simpler.