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I can attach to JavaScriptCore running in the simulator via Ambly with Safari WebKit Inspector (using the Develop menu), and also using ios-webkit-debug-proxy. But neither of those are doing source mapping back to ClojureScript. If anyone get’s this working, please share how. simple_smile


And the answer to my own question above is:

(lineargradient {:colors
                 [(js/React.processColor "#4c669f")
                  (js/React.processColor "#3b5998")
                  (js/React.processColor "#192f6a")]
                 :style {:flex 0.1}}
                (text {:style {:paddingBottom 10}}
                      "Login now")))


I haven’t figured out yet how to have the text on the button like the demo the component’s homepage instead of floating above.


@gphilipp: Are you working on some open-source project? I’ll be happy to see the source if possible simple_smile


It's not open source but I'd be glad to submit interesting parts as I go in some kind of react-native-clojurescript-cookbook or contribute to an open source demo where we could demonstrate useful components and how routing works for example. By the way, there is also this nice repo by Jearvon Dharrie :


Yeah, it seems like there are lots of little tips and tricks. The js/React.processColor trick doesn't warrant a whole blog post—just something to keep somewhere.


Maybe we could collaborate on such a cookbook, modeled after Anna's Om equivalent. @donmullen made a cljsrn guthub group that might be a cool place to have such a thing. Just an idea.


I’ll be happy to push my proof of concepts with Om-next and I guess community would benefit from it


@artemyarulin: that’s the one - would be great to pull in various work / cookbooks / etc here.


Haven’t used github groups before - can I create a project with my PoC and then add it to this group?


I guess it will be much easier to put staff in different projects and group it together under this group rather than create one project and die in a dependency hell simple_smile


I intend to keep adding to that zooborns repo


Anyone else running into this issue w/ Natal?


thanks @hmadelaine I’ll give that a read


@scttnlsn: You are welcome. On one of my machine, despite the recommandations on this page I cannot connect the first time. Often after the fifth try. I hope you are not in the same case 😉


@hmadelaine: I think it just can’t connect because the app crashes


Have no problem mounting from the terminal and turned my OSX firewall off


Here’s a screenshot of the error that causes a crash in Xcode:


Actually, trying to mount from the terminal doesn’t do anything…I ran mount_webdav /Volumes/TestAmbly but it doesn’t actually mount anything (no errors either)


@scttnlsn: I have the same symptom


@mfikes: do you have an example of navigating from screen to other screens with om/next and react-native ?


no, but Zooborns does, right? (Jearvon's Conj demo.)


I think it does with navigator-ios, but I can’t confirm since I can’t manage to run his app. I cloned the repo, ran npm install in the native directory, ran natal xcode, built successfully but then it won’t run, it fails with a EXC_BAD_ACCESS at RTCContextExecutor.m:397.


I’m trying to figure out how it works from his source code right now.


And there is also,, There’s a plethora of choice for routing it seems. What does play best with om/next is yet to see.