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@quoll There’s no reason to apologise at all! It’s in-memory right now, but it’s possible that I will eventually switch over to disk at some point—or maybe keep a separate db for persisted data (I need to support comments). Interesting. So you would store time as maps or tuples? that actually makes a lot of sense.


You need to use :db/add with a value that's compound, like: {:year 2022 :month 5}

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but if it's in a transaction as an entity, then it will get split up into a structure


If I ever get schemas done then I'll be able to use them to tell the entity writer that a given property should not be written to storage as a nested structure, but as a value


But… that's only on the roadmap for now


(It's frustrating to have written code that will do something, but not yet written the code that lets users get to it)


Hey, I've just been looking how viable swapping from datascript to this for one of my projects would be, but I'm wondering, do you support database functions?


Hmm, is there a list of directives supported? For example: :db/add, :db/retractEntity?

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)16:05:04

Not sure. I would check the wiki and if it doesn't help, search the (small) codebase


Ok, thanks