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I was trying to write a function schema such that specs of second argument are dependent on the value of first argument e.g. first argument can be a :keyword with value :id or :contact-id second argument has to be a :map that needs to contain the key supplied in first argument So far, I have done below:

    [:alt [:= :id] [:= :contact-id]]
    [:alt [:map [:id :string]] [:map [:contact-id :string]]]]

(defn test-fn
  {:malli/schema =>test-fn}
  [key value]
  (str (name key) "_" (key value)))
However, above allows (test-fn :contact-id {:id "op"}) as a valid case in instrumentation as there is no correlation b/w first and second argument. I would greatly appreciate some help. EDIT: Below schema works:
(def =>take2
     [:cat [:= :id] [:map [:id :string]]]
     [:cat [:= :contact-id] [:map [:contact-id :string]]]]]

(defn test-fn-2
  {:malli/schema =>take2}
  [key value]
  (str (name key) "_" (key value)))
(test-fn :contact-id {:id "op"}) is invalid with instrumentation on. It is a little verbose though.