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@lilactown what a pragmatic human you are 🙂 , by using mr Fikes Beans we can for a moment forget that defnc components are receiving js objects. We do not have javascript spread, but the one you provided with ($ macro, :& it's sufficient for one spread usage, as you can see in the code.

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I strongly agree. Will is a wonderfully clever human being, and we're lucky to have his work available to us ♥️ Everyone I know who tries helix raves about it.

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aw shucks you guys 😊


My defnc macro just have the :fast-refresh option active. Today I've noticed the . Are you using it ? Could you share your experience with it ? Off the top of my head I can think that if you have many components of your own It could be good, but if you use a lot of js components you are going to call ($ for them, and not for your own stuff. Maybe using $ for all is less error prone ? what do you think.