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My company is switching our backend from NodeJS to Clojure (on Cloud Run + PubSub + Dataflow). We’ll be using Event Sourcing patterns for our distributed workflow. Does anyone have good resource to help our backend engineers get up to speed on Clojure, Event Sourcing and core.async patterns?


@puppybits Are they all new to Clojure? If so, I'd recommend subscriptions for everyone -- there are some great courses there, including REPL-Driven Development (a must for all new Clojurians) and two courses on core.async (which I just went through myself -- the second core is all about usage patterns).


Bobby Calderwood has given some great talks on event sourcing and CQRS -- I don't have links but searching for him on YouTube should turn them up.

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I’ve coded in Clojure since 2013 but everyone else is new. (We’re hiring a couple sr. Clojure engineers as well)


Nice yeah I was going to get some of the purely functional videos for the team.


There are a couple of talks out there about Domain-Driven Design in Clojure everyone should watch as well. Again, I don't have links on hand but Bing should be able to find them.


I’ve got links to a lot of Bobby Calderwood’s talk as well. They have been great.


He also was a guest at Streaming Audio (Confluent Podcast) twice.


I haven’t seen Domain-Driven Design. I’ll check that out. Thanks!


I tried some event sourcing in In hindsight there are some ‘flaws’, like the aggregate is also used for the queries. With strict CQRS those should be separated. It’s using Kafka, but only for pubsub purposes.

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