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Cris B02:01:31

What's with all the greetings lately? When I last checked clojure-australia out last year there was nothing happening. So there are clojurists here it seems. Maybe it's a New Year thing? Anyway: g'day all.

Hugh Powell03:01:09

Someone in the #clojure-uk channel suggested just posting a greeting on a regular basis might help increase traffic in general, so having just moved out here I tried doing that at the end of last year. With reasonable results I think 🙂

Oliver George09:01:44

I like it. Hello and good evening!

Oliver George09:01:55

Hugh - if you're back in Hobart we could line up that coffee

Hugh Powell22:01:47

Hi Oliver, yeah, let's do it. I'm in WOTSO (corner of Harrington Street and Macquarie Street) Mon-Wed & Fri and very flexible about when (the advantage of working for a UK company). I think you suggested Salamaca before, so how about Monday 12:30 at the Machine Laundry Cafe in Salamanca Square?

Oliver George23:01:16

Sounds good. See you there.

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Hugh Powell22:01:54

Mornin' 👋

👋 3

Morning all. How are people settling back into work?

Oliver George23:01:19

G'day! Excited to say that what was looking to be a quite Jan is gaining pace rapidly.