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Calva version 2.0.150 is released. 🎉 clj-kondo calva In this version linting is now provided from clojure-lsp (powered by clj-kondo), and the clj-kondo extension is no longer bundled with Calva. When you upgrade you'll likely see a warning advising to uninstall the clj-kondo extension to avoid some duplicate lint reports.

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I just installed calva and clj-kondo. Should I uninstall clj-kondo?

Janne Sauvala14:01:41

@U01E6385CN8 Yes, clj-kondo plugin should be now redundant

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This should also reduce memory usage on your machine since the clj-kondo extension's lsp server will no longer be running once you uninstall the extension.

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@brandon.ringe Is this configurable for clojure-lsp users (either to use clj-kondo via lsp or via the extension by enabling it)?


They cannot disable diagnostics from clojure-lsp, and only receive them from the clj-kondo extension. They can use both if they're okay with some duplicate linting messages. > configurable for clojure-lsp users Not sure what is meant here, but usage of clojure-lsp through Calva is not optional. If there would be a good reason to disable clojure-lsp's diagnostics, it would be easy to add a setting for it.


The reason I'm asking is that I regularly get bug reports and it would be good if the version of clj-kondo was communicated or if there was some means to get the raw clj-kondo output without a tool in between


I basically want people to specify a clj-kondo version with their bug reports, that's what it comes down to


We can request that clojure-lsp includes this in the server-info message.


The version of clj-kondo, I mean.


fyi the version is available on the classpath as (slurp (io/resource "CLJ_KONDO_VERSION"))


Yeah, we can do that 🙂 @U04V15CAJ via clj-kondo is there any function to retrieve clj-kondo version?


I see, sounds good!