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clojure-lsp Released 2023.10.30-16.25.41 with fixes and performance improvements! Main highlights: • Performance: Less analysis saved in memory and cache affecting big projects • Performance: new oracle graalvm 21 with pgo instrument which considerable improve overall performance (LMK if any weird crashes with the binary) • Feature: The new paredit refactorings are part of clojure-lsp-intellij work, but it's intended to be used on multiple editors without custom paredit plugins. More info on #lsp Thank you clojurists-together and all for the support! Happy code!

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There is a new 0.1.10 release of the, a Postgres client in pure Clojure. In addition to several minor improvements, there is a sub-package to integrate the client with HoneySQL. Docs:

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)21:11:30

Hi! This is really interesting. What was the motivation for this? In other words, what are the key advantages over next.jdbc? I suppose that the idea was to support stuff not supported by jdbc and/or make it more ergonomic? (Guessing from the “both simple and extended Postgres protocols” and “(multi-dimensional) arrays”). Also, why Joda-time and not java.time nowadays? Thank you!


Well, the idea was to create a Clojure-friendly driver that supports all the Postgres features out from the box.


Also, the driver supports java.time.* package natively; Joda-time is an extension for those who prefer Joda-time.

Kathleen Davis15:10:27

October project updates are posted. including Biff (Jacob O'Bryant), Bosquet (Zygis Medelis), Clojure Camp (Daniel Higginbotham), Deps-try (Gert Goet), GDL (Michael Sappler), Jank (Jeaye Wilkerson), Neanderthal (Dragan Duric), and Quil (Jack Rusher and Charles Comstock).

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Peter Taoussanis16:10:03

My Clojure open source update for Sep-Oct 2023: funded by Clojurists Toghether, Nubank, and others - thank you! Work included 14 releases for existing libraries, and development on 2 new libraries planned for Nov+Dec release.

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Hi everybody, added some documentation to ClojureStorm, for people interested in building tools on top of programs execution traces. ClojureStorm is a fork of the official clojure compiler with some extra code added to make it a dev compiler. This means a compiler with some extra capabilities tailored for development.

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Just updated the same documentation for ClojureScriptStorm, which people can use to build tooling on top of programs execution traces for ClojureScript.

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