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[metosin/reitit "0.7.0-alpha1"] is out! This is a preview release with OpenAPI 3.1 support. Please test it and tell us if it works for you! Blog post with more details:

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How timely. :) I am about to add an OpenAPI spec to an existing project of mine as was considering reitit for it.

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ahh amazing… Thank you! 🙇

practicalli-johnny15:05:24 - user level aliases for Repl workflow and community tools to support development Continuing with a refactor of the aliases, removing those that are not particularly relevant or have been replaced by others. All deprecated alias configurations are moved to deps-deprecated.edn in case they are useful (let me know if I have removed an alias you depend upon) • Added ◦ :lib/component-repl and :lib/integrant-repl libraries for system component REPL workflow (Mount & Donut-part do not require additional libraries) ◦ :inspect/morse new in-process inspect tool (using the REBL JavaFX UI) • Changed ◦ DEPRECATED: :lib/reloaded & :lib/tools-ns - use :dev/reloaded ◦ DEPRECATED: lib/nrepl little value without a :main-opts configuration ◦ DEPRECATED: :repl/rebel-cljs, :repl/figwheel, :repl/rebel-cljs requires JVM with Nashorn, i.e. Java 8 - use figwheel-main template and ◦ docs: lib/hotload for Clojure 1.11 and uses [[][clojure/tools.deps.alpha]] which has been replaced for Clojure 1.12 ◦ alias: remove clojure/tools.deps.alpha from :repl/reloaded & :dev/reloaded for use with Clojure 1.12 ◦ remove find-deps from :repl/reloaded & :dev/reloaded as no longer required - use add-lib instead ◦ docs: update introduction and remove outdated content ◦ aliases: use --main option in alias :main-opts definitions for greater clarity ◦ alias: :repl/rebel load Clojure 1.12 hotload functions during REPL startup • Updated ◦ ci: updated GitHub workflow and configuration to standand used in other Practicalli projects ◦ Update library versions using clojure -T:search/outdated - antq, flow-storm, zulip

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@U05254DQM We try to encourage folks to keep #C06MAR553 to about once a month per project and post to #C015AL9QYH1 for more frequent project updates (you last posted about the CLI Config here last week). Thanks!


I usually post smaller releases in #C015AL9QYH1 but there were several deprecated aliases that people should be aware of this time

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