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I have a problem. I can AOT compile and build an uberjar when I only include org.clojure/tools.deps {:mvn/version "0.18.1335"} and I can do the same if I only include clojure2d/clojure2d {:mvn/version "1.4.5"}} . But it doesn't work if I include both: Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at .FileInputStream/open0 ( /var/folders/_d/7pv3mjnn18z3rkh7z7680xj40000gn/T/uber7113627005145822534/LICENSE (Is a directory) I created the tiny project and a dummy component in the polylith repo, so people can reproduce it (instructions in the file).


This has come up in a lot of threads here. Unfortunately, libraries are not very consistent about LICENSE as a text file and LICENSE as a directory so they conflict. You need to exclude the LICENSE pattern when copying the files, as part of building the uberjar...