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Dainius Jocas09:04:57

Announcing v2.0.0 of the jackson-jq wrapper 🥳 The highlights of the release are: • the shiny and new • support for the compile and runtime and • fix for cases when jq expression return multiple JSON entities

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practicalli-johnny13:04:20 - a series of project templates for seancorfield/deps-new tool. Templates provide support and common production-level configuration files and CI workflows • Portal - launched on repl startup (when dev on path) and listening to all evaluations over nREPL and via custom mulog publisher • Repl reloaded tools: Clojure tools.deps hotloading (Clojure 1.11.x & 1.12 examples), tools.namespace / Integrant REPL (other system component libraries to follow) • Make - simplify user experience with consistent Makefile tasks across all templates (one day I'll write a Babashka task runner equivalent) • Docker configuration ◦ Multi-stage Dockerfile using Clojure to create an uberjar and run via a init process in the runtime image ◦ compose.yaml to build the Clojure service locally and optionally run persistence services in containers (e.g. postgres, mysql) • GitHub CI Workflows ◦ MegaLinter providing a wide range of quality checks for code and configuration files ◦ clj-kondo with reviewdog comments on pr (surfaces issues in conversation), ◦ cljstyle format checks and configuration compatible with CIDER and Clojure LSP formatting ◦ changelog checker to encourage communication about the project ◦ scheduled version check (antq daily report of new library and GitHub action versions) is the third release of this project and provides the templates (although I only started the project a few weeks ago) • practicalli/application - Clojure application with base application code and unit tests (including REPL Reloaded workflow tools and prod configuration files) • practicalli/service - a Clojure service, managed by Integrant & IntegrantREPL, using http-kit, reitit, mulog & mulog trace middleware and base example The Practicalli Project Templates are also included in the :project/create alias from the, as well as a separate :project/templates alias. There is a roadmap of templates I'm interested in developing for the practicalli/project-templates project at the top of its project readme. I've also published

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:04:31

Clojure is now available • Reverts the fix for in alpha2 - this fix changes the context where (not yet fixed) is seen, so will revisit a fix for these in tandem

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Noah Bogart15:04:34

oh that's complicated, nice


> fix for ... this fix ... (not yet fixed) ... will revisit a fix My commit messages are sometimes like that. I feel you. 🫂


clojure-lsp Released 2023.04.19-12.43.29 with performance improvements and improved java support! • clojure-lsp feedback for Editor UI is faster (Emacs users you may notice that reducing lsp-idle-delay to something lower like 0.05) • 🎉 We now have a from documentSymbolfeature, showing all keyords of a edn for faster navigation/visualization! • javaSince last month I'm focusing on improve java support for clojure-lsp, this release adds support for completion of Static java classes (for now only for classes from .class, not .java, check print), I'm working on improvements on clj-kondo and clojure-lsp to improve that even further being able to see docs of java methods and more, stay tuned! Thank you for all contributors and sponsors, especially #clj-together gratitude clojurists-together For more info, check #lsp

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I think the version is a bit off?


ops 😅 thanks!


thank you so much!

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