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Not certain this is the correct channel but I wrote a short basic article on why learn It is more for those who don’t use Clojure and want a very basic understanding of Clojure. Maybe a newbie programmer. Cheers

Epidiah Ravachol01:02:12

I suspect that's the wrong link.


Articles should go in #C8NUSGWG6.


Wrong channel, delete please


@U50L2RTCG This was a link to an article "Questions before you start a grant". Since it wasn't about Clojure, I deleted it. Next time when you have an article (about Clojure) to share, it can go into #C8NUSGWG6 like @U050CT4HR said.


Thank you. My bad!


Thank you too.


@U50L2RTCG No problem. I'm still curious about your article in #C8NUSGWG6 :)


Oh I see it


well, now I don't because wants me to upgrade before I can read it ;)


I deleted it because it had a number of mistakes


I made a small (toy) project for exploring a sql database and its relations. It is named "Table Explorer" (although perhaps "Table Schema Explorer" would be a better name.) I did a tiny 4 minute tour of how to use it.

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Thanks, this looks quite useful! Some initial feedback: • Documentation is missing regarding supported db drivers (only psql by default) -> add a note that a proper dependency must be added to deps.edn • Leaving the Initial Table field empty yields Incorrect table name '' -> maybe render all tables in this case? • Once a table is expanded, I do not know how to collapse it again ◦ also, with All option, all the tables are expanded automatically • Zooming would be nice


And a little question: any special reason to use instead of next.jdbc?


I'm more familiar with (than next.jdbc.) - so no thoughtful reason. I updated the docs to mention the postgres jdbc limitation.


requiring an initial table is lame. I will update to allow choosing "all" and/or displaying all the table names and allow the user to choose an initial one (or many?) collapsing is a good idea, hadn't occurred to me. All means, to me, "add all tables into the diagram" - I will think about how to make that clearer. Not sure what you mean by zooming. I do use the browsers zoom in/out to effectively zoom and pan the diagram. Thanks for your feedback.