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Anyone knows what's up with this?

(require '[babashka.http-client :as http])
(http/get "")
Message:  PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
Location: /tmp/repro.clj:8:1


Ah well, I get the same issue with a regular JVM so no worries

Bob B16:02:11

the gist would be that the cert provided by the server is not trusted/issued by a CA trusted by the JVM - I have to deal with this specific error all the time at work, because we have internal CAs that have to be added to the JVM trust stores


As far as i can see (havent dug much) bb.edn tasks cannot have java imports like it has :requires right?


is it something that's worth supporting?


I don't intend adding more stuff to bb.edn than strictly necessary for "coding". You can use a fully qualified name or you can just write some code in a regular .clj file. The latter is encouraged anyway if your task grows past a couple of lines.


yeah i had bunch of tiny tasks using the same java class and thats where i started wondering


I usually add a .tasks .bb , .build or bb folder and add that to :paths [...] in the bb.edn and then use :requires to load that code


I still not sure what my favorite name but .bb or .build is cool I think ;)


its no where a blocker for me, just wondering if its something we'd wanna consider as an intuitive thing. like :imports