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borkdude16:02:45 Scripting in Clojure on Node.js using! 1.2.167. It's been a while since the last announcement and a lot has happened. Changes since the last announcement in 🧵 !

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borkdude16:02:04 resolve nbb.edn relative to invoked script • fix error when calling a macro which is referring to a js library symbol • keyword arguments as map support • nREPL server exits on evaluation error • nREPL server sends bad namespace value in eval responses. • top level do expressions did not allow non-seq? values • write print-error-report to *print-err-fn* expose pretty printing errors in JS. See • support multiple values in code input in nREPL eval message • add swap-vals! and reset-vals! fix destructuring in multimethod • Lazy load cljs.pprint for better startup time • Update SCI: faster field access • Upgrade SCI with performance improvements • escape regex when searching for completions in REPL • Add support for executing function using nbb -x --flag --option 1 • Add cljs.pprint/cl-format • Add promesa.core/future